"After suffering for months with the effects of disc issues (neck, shoulder and arm pain) Dr. Hope offered a very clear diagnosis and treatment plan. Every step was well explained and expectations for post surgery were spot on. His office staff treat you like family and you actually look forward to your next office visit. My pain is gone and I have Dr. Hope to thank. He is absolutely the best."



"I had pinched nerves between C 5-6-7 that was so bad that I lost strength(atrophy)in my arms to go along with the constant shoulder/arm pain. I couldn't even do one pushup. I tried PRP injections which helped some with the pain but I continued to lose strength in my arms. My pain management doctor referred me to Dr. Hope. Beyond any doubt the best move I ever made. Dr. Hope recommended a 2 level Discectomy. He explained the procedure down to every detail. He is oozing with confidence and has the experience to back it up! His staff is friendly and are extremely knowledgeable. Had Surgery on 11/21/16 and was back to work by 12/1/16. A month later I'm up to 20 push ups.Most importantly to me as a cyclist, I was back on my bike 3 weeks after surgery. Thank you Dr. Hope!!"

"I had cervical fusion of C5 and C6 in late September 2016 with Dr. Hope and I am so glad I ended up moving ahead with the surgery - I feel much better and Doctor Hope, Carrie and the rest of the group at the Center have been outstanding from the first day I walked into the office. Dr. Hope personally calling me the night before surgery to make sure I was ok and if I had any last minute questions to post-op phone calls by Dr. Hope and the office and they were also very responsive to any questions that I had. I also highly recommend the SurgCenter as my experience there was excellent as well. I was very pleased with all the professionals there and it was a calming experience from start to finish. Thanks again Doctor Hope!!"


"If you are in pain and think your situation is hopeless, please see Dr Hope before you wave the white flag. I was told by several local doctors that my sciatica/pinched nerve was inoperable and they wanted to surgically implant a pain blocker. He had successfully operated on my fiance so we drove the 60 miles to get his opinion. He immediately said he could fix my problem and have me walking out the same day. My surgery was at 8:30 in Bethesda, and we were back in Winchester by 12:30. I can't tell you how happy I am with the process from paperwork to the kind office staff. Nobody wants to have surgery, but if you do I'll take his team without hesitation."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hope's since 2008. Since that time I have had surgery on my neck twice and on my lumbar twice. In each case he and Carrie carefully evaluated my situation including pain, weakness, mobility issues, etc. All issues were assessed and sometimes I had PT before resorting to surgery and in some cases I had injections. All avenues were explored and I felt treated like an individual not just another patient. The front office is exceptional as well. Sherry Lee was always kind and patient with people even though she faced some pained grumpy people. I recommend Dr. Hope without reservation and with my unfortunate genetics will be back again myself some day."

"Thank you!! You are truly a "Top Doc". I felt instant relief from my leg pain following surgery and the pain from the small low back incision is easily handled after the "before pain". I know my daughter is happy that I am feeling great, however she probably even happier I am not complaining.Everything was made easy by the kind attention and detailed instructions from your staff. Thank you Sherry Lee and Daisy!"

"October 5, 2015 I had a 2 level C spine fusion for a herniated disc which was causing severe shoulder pain and tingling/numbness down my arm. The next day after surgery the pain in my shoulder and arm was completely gone. By October 28th I was back to work full duty. Dr. Hope and his office staff were polite and friendly every time I called or went to the office. Unfortunately, I have had many surgeries in the past and I can say without a doubt this was the best experience I have ever had. I would recommend Dr. Hope to everyone. Thank you!!"


"Dr Hope is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled, kindest most caring doctors I have met! I have been through 3 back operations so do have something to compare this one to. His support staff Elysa, Sherrie Lee and Carrie were so kind, caring and responsive. I felt valued as a patient as a person. It has only been 10 days since my operation and I have to say how happy I am.As soon as I can I will be writing a much more detailed review but wanted to get this out there for those who are looking for a good doctor who also has a good bedside manner and a wonderful support staff. I have referred friends and family as well."

"I suffered for 7 years with severe numbness in both hands and arms and almost constant pain. After numerous injections and the last straw would be a electrode placed in my spine, I decided to look elsewhere and after talking to a nurse who had a great experience with Dr. Hope made an appointment and at this point of 5 months post op I only regret not doing it sooner. My wife is a hospital administrator and has said several times other offices could use some tips from Dr. Hope. Thanks so much to him and his staff. I have a renewed faith in neurosurgery."