A Micro Laminotomy is a relatively minimal spine surgery that is usually performed to remove a disc herniation, cyst, or bone spur to take the pressure off nerves. This helps to reduce pain and/or leg pain. Dr. Hope will remove as little of the lamina as possible to maintain the stability of the spine and reduce potential complications.

What to Expect

This surgery often takes less than an hour and can be completed in an out-patient setting. Patients are sent home on the same day.

Post Surgery

Patients and doctors both favor this surgery because it allows them to quickly return to everyday living. Most patients can work from home 2-3 days post surgery and can be back working in-office within 7 days.


A physical therapy program will often be suggested to teach proper lifting techniques and posture. A new regiment of exercise will also be offered to help you benefit the most from this procedure. Our goal is to return you to full mobility allowing you the opportunity to engage in recreational activities and sports, unhindered. 

The recurrence rate for people needing this surgery is less than 10%. This surgery often solves all pain associated with the lumbar region.