A Patient's Story

From time to time, our patients send us letters. Here is a letter from one of our patients who had surgery this past April who wanted to tell her story about coming back from a very challenging situation.

Our Patient's Open Letter:

There is a Christian Hymn that says "To God be the Glory, great things HE has done." To me, being referred to Dr. Hope is one of those great things and such a huge blessing! I thank God and Dr. Hope and a Chiropractor, Dr. Loy, for taking such good care of me. Here is part of my story. (It would take more than a page to tell all.)

I was born with Klippel-Feil Syndrome. This is a disease characterized by congenital fusion of any two of the seven cervical vertebrae. The symptoms are known to worsen in life as the disease progresses.

For years I have had headaches, like migraines, due to the abnormality of my neck vertebrae. (I have more than two fused.) I have not been able to sleep on my left side as a headache would start immediately. My mobility had been affected as I did not always feel steady when I walked. It was like the balance was off. Also for years, I have had back, neck and shoulder pains due to compensating for the fused vertebrae in my neck.

Then, earlier this year, more symptoms occurred and were more defined. My right hand swelled and stayed swollen and was very painful, to the point where I left my job as I felt I could no longer perform the necessary duties. The pain was horrendous. I could no longer sign my name and had to use both hands to write anything.

I needed the assistance of friends to help with everyday chores as I was losing strength in my hands. Then my left hand swelled as well. At the same time, my mobility was deteriorating, and I was walking with a cane. To cross my legs I would have to reach down with my right hand and pull the left leg over the right one. I could not ever walk heel to toe, should I need to do so. (That was the first test in my initial exam with Dr. Hope.)

My Chiropractor, Dr. Loy, referred me to Dr. Hope and I will forever be grateful to them both!

From the first time I met Dr. Hope, I felt he was knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, and a very kind doctor. As Dr. Hope and I, along with a friend, looked at the neck MRI together, he said: "I can fix this." The relief I felt cannot be put into words. Previous doctors had not given me any hope. They had told me I would lose the use of my arms as I got older and as the disease progressed. Now that I was having severe symptoms, Dr. Hope was a breath of fresh air!

I had surgery with Dr. Hope on April 3, 2017, for the vertebrae in my neck. Immediately my mobility was better in some ways. It is still getting better now, a few months later. The swelling in my hands went away. The pain became less and less as time went on. Before, I had the continual feeling of cut glass on my fingertips, followed by numbness. These sensations are now gone.

My days are getting better and better. My hands are regaining their strength. Immediately after my surgery I no longer needed a cane to walk. To cross my legs I don't need to use my hands to lift my left leg, and I can walk heel to toe. I can sleep on either side without the headache.

I appreciate Dr. Hope's kind and professional attitude, along with his skill and knowledge. Also, his staff has been very knowledgeable, kind and considerate. I appreciate them as well, so very much.

Thank you, Dr. Hope!


Mary Jane