RN v. Physician's Assistant

At Center for Cranial and Spinal Surgery, we are pleased to have a Physician’s Assistant on our team. You may be wondering what the difference is between a registered nurse and a Physician's Assistant.

The largest differences between a Registered Nurse and a Physician's Assistant are that Physician's Assistants have more education and can prescribe medications for patients. They are considered by the medical community to be more advanced as they can solely diagnose and treat illnesses.

As part of the team at Center for Cranial and Spinal Surgery, our Physician's Assistant meets with our patients to assess their overall health and provide information to patients about how to improve their health and prevent disease. Our Physician's Assistant will also follow you along your medical journey with us, helping with any questions you may have and providing prescription refills.

Working with Dr. Hope, our Physician's Assistant will review your medications, dosages and frequencies. She will also order and interpret the results of diagnostic tests required prior to surgery. Alongside Dr. Hope, she will review your medical history and help contribute information that will allow him to make the best decisions regarding the most appropriate course of treatment for your back or neck pain.

Our Physician's Assistant is available to you to answer your questions and help you by recommending appropriate treatments that avoid health risks. A main part of her job is educating patients about self-management and rehabilitative options pre and post surgery.


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